PASCAL Agnostic Learning
Prior Knowledge

The challenge is now over. But it remains open for post-challenge submissions!

IMPORTANT: Entries made since February 1st 2007 might be using validation data, now available for training.

The Challenge Learning Object package (CLOP)

A Matlab(R) library of models having performed well in past challenges is provided and can be used optionally.

Download CLOP

CLOP may be downloaded and used freely for the purposes of entering the challenge. Please make sure you read the license agreement and the disclaimer. CLOP is based on the Spider developed at the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics and integrates software from several sources, see the credits. Download CLOP now (October 2006 release, 7 MB).

Installation requirements

CLOP runs with Matlab (Version 14 or greater) using either Linux or Windows.

Installation instructions

Unzip the archive and follow the instructions in the README file. Windows users will just have to run a script to set the Matlab path properly to use most functions. Unix users will have to compile the LibSVM package if they want to use support vector machines. The Random Forest package is presently accessible through an interface with R. To use it, one must install R first.

Getting started

The sample code provided gives you an easy way of getting started. See the QuickStart manual.

Questions, bugs and improvements

Please first consult the CLOP FAQ. Report bugs to Suggestions and code improvements are also welcome.